“LifeLegacy Foundation was a godsend at a very difficult time.  The staff was very courteous and caring.  They made the process so much easier for me.  Clifford loved helping others, and I found such comfort in knowing he could help others one final time.” – Joan S.

“Thank you so much for all the help you gave me with my friend, Julie.  Everybody was so nice and helpful.  You made it possible for me to fulfill Julie’s last wishes.  I know she would have been pleased.  Knowing how well Julie was taken care of has prompted me to consider the same thing for myself when the time comes.  You’ll be seeing me in the future.” – Michelle S.

“Thank you for taking care of my Mom. It was hard for her to leave, but now I know her donation will live on…. Thank you.” – Dan T.

“Thank you for taking good care of gram.” – Lorin M.

“I’m so glad I filled out my paper work with you all and believe that for me to donate my whole body for organs or research is Best. I believe my soul will be gone and my body will do more good to you than in the ground. Thanks for having this service. GOD Bless” – Angel P.

“Thank you so much for helping me fulfill my mothers’ wish of donation.” – Marla D.

“My father recently passed away peacefully with dementia on January 29th and my parents always believed in organ donation. My mother learned about Life Legacy thru a social worker at a local support group. When my mother shared with me about this opportunity, I was 100% in agreement that she was making the right decision.” – Denise S.

“I was very thankful that Grace Home in Shreveport, La. let me know LifeLegacy. My father is with you now. This was one of his final wishes and This is a wonderful way to still help others in life even when you lose your loved one. I have let everyone of my friends know about this foundation. Thank you.” – Kellee C.

“Made the decision tonight that I will donate “my whole body” when it’s time…I thought about just organs…But I figure why not give it all – If it will help someone else. Even in death – I want to make a difference.” – Linda V.

“When my youngest son, Robert was killed, St. Jude’s called me and asked if Robert would be a tissue donor for them. Until that moment, I had never considered being a donor, but I knew Rob would want that, so I consented. His gift in death blessed the lives of so many children suffering and in need. Afterwards, my husband and I decided we wanted to be donors, too. A friend of ours, who owns a funeral home, highly recommended LifeLegacy Foundation, so we both have joined. What a wonderful way to bless the lives of others.” – Lea E.



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