Tucson, AZ- Best Places to Retire – US Nation

U.S. News Ratings
Population 538,170
Crime Rate High
Cost of Living Average
Health Care Varied
Median Home Price Average
Median Income Low


Tucsonans enjoy 360 sunny days a year.


Tucson sits in a desert plain surrounded by five minor mountain ranges.

Cultural Attractions

Shutterbugs will enjoy visiting the Center for Creative Photography, which houses the world’s largest collection of Ansel Adams works.


Biking, hiking, horseback riding, and golf are popular pastimes in this sunny community.


Raytheon Missile Systems, the largest employer in Southern Arizona, is based in Tucson.


The city is one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas in America–archaeological finds date back to 800 B.C.


Demographic Detail

Population:  538,170
Population under 55:  75.8%
Population over 55:  24.2%

City Detail

Crime rate:  High
Closest large city:  Mesa

Marital Status 2010


Weather Detail

Air quality:  Poor
Temperature:  98°F July High, 33°F January Low

Jobs & Economy


Median income:  $32,353
Median home price:  $121,265
Average property tax:  $896

Income & Jobs

Unemployment rate 2010:  8.3%  Average
Cost of living:  Average

Employment Projections



Elementary schools:  126
Middle schools:  75
High schools:  65

view High Schools ranked by U.S. News

Higher Education

Best Colleges at the location:  1
Best Colleges within 30 miles:  1
Best Colleges within 50 miles:  1

view Colleges ranked by U.S. News

Health Care & Retirement


Hospitals/Best Hospitals at the location:  13/1
Hospitals/Best Hospitals within 30 miles:  14/1
Hospitals/Best Hospitals within 50 miles:  15/1

view closest hospitals

Retirement Facilities

Community care facilities for the elderly:  1251

view closest nursing homes ranked by U.S. News

Overview information and high school, college, hospital, and nursing home rankings copyright ® 2012 U.S.News & World Report.


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