Almonds Abound in Heart Health Benefits

Almond Board of California recently distributed a press release and audio news release to communicate the results of a recent review paper on the heart health benefits of almonds.

The review, entitled “Effects of almond consumption on the reduction of LDL-cholesterol: a discussion of potential mechanisms and future research directions,” and published in Nutrition Reviews, was conducted by Claire E. Berryman, BS, along with Amy Griel Preston, Ph.D., RD, Wahida Karmally, DrPH, RD, CDE, Richard J. Deckelbaum, MD, and Penny M. Kris-Etherton, Ph.D., RD. The intent of the review was to compile the years of research on almonds’ cardio-protective benefits, and to explore the reasons why including almonds in the diet may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Potential heart health benefits of plant-based protein, fiber and unsaturated fats were cited. Through a review of research related to these and other key nutrients found in almonds, potential mechanisms and future directions for almond research were explored.

“This review takes a unique perspective on almonds as a food that may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, discussing important almond nutrients and their potential mechanistic role in promoting heart health,” Berryman says. “The message that almonds, in and of themselves, are a heart-healthy snack, should be emphasized to consumers. Moreover, when almonds are incorporated into a healthy, balanced diet, the benefits are even greater.”

By Almond Board of California



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2 responses to “Almonds Abound in Heart Health Benefits

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  2. Nice info about health benefits of almond. I have also found this link informative for healthe benefits of almond as well.

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